Jeroen Gietema has more than thirty years project and management experience. Jeroen is co-owner and CEO of Cedira B.V., a company that develops and provides WEB based solutions. The most important WEB based service developed under his responsibility is, a leading affiliate marketing site in the Netherlands.

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Dion Kotteman has extensive project management experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit sector. He worked as the Chief Information Officer of the Dutch Government, executive advisor to the Dutch Minister of Finance, and now consults and is a non-executive board member of companies. His working history includes general manager of the Dutch National Audit Authority, and an executive in the banking world, mainly in IT and security.

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Dion Kotteman interviewed about project sabotage at CNBC (May 6th 2016)

“The Project Saboteur …and how to kill him”

Published 7th April 2016; Claret Press; ISBN 978-1-910461-13-6

Because every project has opponents…

When their English Publisher asked Jeroen Gietema and Dion Kotteman to publish the book “De Projectsaboteur” in the English language, they decided to give the book a makeover. In addition to the Dutch and German version Jeroen and Dion added many examples of well-known failed projects, and how and why these project might have been manipulated towards failure. And to help you they also provided several tools to track and eliminate these saboteurs.

“In 2015 only 29% of software development projects were considered to be successful, meaning that these projects delivered on time, on budget, with a satisfactory result. 52% of the projects were listed with the qualification challenged and 19% failed completely.” (Standish group Chaos report 2015). With approximately $665 billion spent worldwide on IT projects, this means that $126 billion goes down the drain each year due to project failure.

“The big takeaways from this book are the tools to be able to deal with the potential saboteur without hurting the project or your career.” (Jim Johnson, The Standish Group, thought leaders on management of software projects, known for the Chaos Reports)

Every project has opponents who will try to manipulate it so that the result better suits them. A naive idea? Hardly! People have the inclination to adjust truth to suit themselves and serve their own interests: more power, more income, more respect.

Even though it is rampant, little attention has been to the art of undermining and manipulating projects. And yet annually many millions are squandered as a result of project sabotage. If more attention is given to the motivation and methods of project saboteurs, this will lead to large savings and better project results. This book explains how to sabotage a project, the motivations that guide the project saboteur, the alliances the project saboteur might make, and most importantly, how to stop him. It includes real-life case studies, examples, and helpful check lists and tables to determine if there's a project saboteur at work.

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